Online Deposits and Card Management


We began using a new online deposit site in April 2012.  The new product, hosted by Blackboard, interfaces directly with our campus system to provide a more secure experience.  We also have additional features available to students, including the ability to view board plan balances and securely save payment information.

Please bookmark this link for future reference.

How to Logon

Once you click on the link to visit the new site, enter your BLUE credentials.  After the authentication process finishes (approximately 20 seconds), you will be prompted to register if this is your first visit to the site.


The top section of the form contains personal contact information.  This information may be added at a later date by selecting "My Profile".

The lower section is the actual enrollment into the eAccounts system.  Please enter your netID in an email address format ( Then click on the button below. That is it!