U.S. Bank

Creighton and U.S. Bank

No credit in this union, just a lot of FREE stuff. FREE checking, FREE box of checks, FREE online bill pay, FREE text or email alerts, FREE use of your Creighton ID as an ATM card.

Creighton University has partnered exclusively with U.S. Bank to provide great banking services to students, faculty and staff. Opening a U.S. Bank account is not a requirement, but it is the best option for students and employees new to the Omaha area.

U.S. Bank has over 3086 locations nationwide and more than 5300 ATMs. In addition, your Creighton ID can be used as a U.S. Bank ATM card at over one million PLUS® ATMs nationwide, and over 1.5 million Interlink merchants nationwide. Because ATM-based transactions require a PIN, your account is safe if you ever lose your card.

Best of all, you can take U.S. Bank with you when you graduate or leave Creighton! With locations in 25 states, they are never far away.

Student Banking with U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank offers students a great deal on free checking. Visit the U.S. Bank website for details. U.S. Bank has over 5300 bilingual ATMs nationwide, and over 3069 branch offices in 25 different states. In addition, you have the option to use your Creighton ID card as a U.S. Bank ATM card for no charge!

Workplace Banking with U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank offers employees a similar version of free banking. More details are on the U.S. Bank website. Employees have the same option to use their Creighton ID as an ATM card for new or existing U.S. Bank accounts—at no charge!

Already a U.S. Bank customer? Associate your Creighton ID with your bank account and use it as an ATM card -- for FREE!  One card does it all.

Campus ATMs

U.S. Bank has three ATMs on campus:
Harper Center 2nd Floor and Swanson Hall ATMs each accept deposits.
There is also an ATM in the Skutt Student Center on the top level.