The Energy Awareness Committee has sponsored several programs to raise awareness of conservation on campus.

Ask the Energy Guy  your questions about conservation on campus or at home.

Load Curtailment -- shutting off electrical items during the summer saves Creighton money!

We recycle rechargeable batteries:

Past Programs

Earth Day -- Each year, we celebrate Earth Day (April 22) here at Creighton.  Check out our previous celebrations!

Enviro-Lawn -- We took over the patch of lawn between Reinert/Alumni Library and St. John's Church and turned it into an Enviro-Lawn, using all eco-friendly fertilizers, etc.  The lawn looked great! 

Enviro-Building The Law School volunteered to be our test-site for environmentally friendly cleaning agents. 

Energy Siesta -- On the 1st Friday of every month, we asked the campus to take an "Energy Siesta" and turn off unnecessary appliances.  The results were something to see!  The building with the highest percentage reduction in energy consumption won an Energy Siesta Fiesta.  While this program has been discontinued, we still encourage you to save energy by turning off unnecessary appliances all the time.  The results show that it does make a difference!

Got an idea ...

... for other programs we can run here at Creighton?  Contact us!