Ask the Energy Guy

Q:  I've a question about saving costs on office lighting. My office ... currently ha[s] two tracks of fluorescent lighting, each about 8 feet long. If I turned those off and used one halogen desk lamp instead, would that provide a savings in energy costs, or are halogen lamps energy hogs?


  The Energy Guy says: If your 8' light fixtures use 8' bulbs, then yes you can save energy by switching them off and using alternative lighting. If they use 2-4' bulbs end to end to make up the 8' then I would guess they have been converted a few years back and now are the energy-saving electronic ballasted fixtures. As for the halogen lamps, they are energy hogs, but the only good thing about them is, they are an alternate source for heat!  So if you can find a fluorescent type desk lamp to suit your needs it would be better.

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