Earth Day 2003

The Energy Awareness Committee used the week of April 21 to April 25 to present to the Campus a number of programs and studies the committee is working on at this time. The significance of this week being, Tuesday April 22, 2003 as Earth Day. Until now, the main focus of the committee has been the promotion of Energy Awareness but we have decided to branch out a little bit to include a few environmental issues. What better time then Earth Day? Members of our committee moved around campus to a new location everyday and set up displays. There you could learn about our programs and studies and meet members of the committee.

Earth Week Events Summary

Tuesday: Skutt Student Center

With much appreciated assistance from Rob Faber (Environmental Services) we had our displays delivered to the Student Center. Mary Comstock, Cindy Adams, George Tangeman and Jim Buhrman set up and organized everything. We are also grateful to Greg Khol of MUD for setting up some information about his company. The fact that we are all new to this kind of event (learning as we go!) we were a little disappointed in the over-all lack of interest. (Maybe to do with timing and the lack of foot traffic through the area). Mary and Rob packed everything up and regrouped for round 2.

Student Center Energy Awareness Event (4/22/03)

Wednesday :New Science Building

Everything was setup in the lobby by 10:00 am. Dr.Jim Platz, Vonnetta Byington and Bill Hamilton joined the gang to help out. Morning started slowly and then it really took off! Event was very well received. The displays looked great and over-all it was a success.  At 2:00, everything was packed up and returned to facilities. (Mary, are you tired yet!)

Thursday: Law school

You know the drill......set it all up ......question of the day. Could we top Wednesday's event.........YES!

Thursday was a great success. The fact that the Law School just happened to be the focus of our Enviro-Building study seemed to really spark interest. Sandy Ciriaco did a great job of promoting the event. Also she is involved in the day to day process of the program for the next year.

Friday: Kiewit Center

We had hoped the weather would have been more cooperative. Originally we were going to set up on the mall but the wind would have been a huge problem. We ended up indoors on the Spine above the gym floor where you can walk between the Kiewit Center and The Student Center. Not sure how busy this area is typically but there was not much in the way of foot traffic. Slapping ourselves on the back and declaring the week a success we packed up a little earlier then planned (it's a Friday kinda thang!).

Special thanks to the following people: Mary Comstock (setup, attended and broke down the display's all 4 days), George Tangeman, Rob Faber, Cindy Adams, Jim Buhrman, Vonnetta Byinton, Jim Platz, Bill Hamilton, Sandy Ciriaco, Wayne Morford, Judd Allen (supplied environmentally friendly paint, Energy Awareness Committee Banner and our Enviro-lawn sign) Ray Madej and his crew for helping with the Enviro-lawn, Lou Marcuccio and his crew for helping with the Envro-building study, Michael Robinson for help with the environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and providing Rob Faber's services. During the 4 days we distributed hundreds of fliers and over 800 promotional rulers for the Energy Siesta.