Earth Day 2009

April 22, 2009 in the Skutt Student Center

Room 105

9:00 am:  Learn more about single-stream recycling
10:30 am:  Chill out:  Campus solutions for Global Warming
11:00 am:  OPPD presentation on sustainable energy
1:00 pm:  OPPD presentation on sustainable energy (repeat)

Fireplace Lounge

Water Bottle Giveaway!!!   Free water refills at all Sodexo retail locations across campus -- always!
    Information about the environmental impact of disposable water bottles
Alternative Fuel Vehicles on the mall
    MUD's Compressed Natural Gas car
    OPPD's plug-in Prius
    Facilities Management's own electric truck
Energy Efficiency and Lighting display by ECHO Electric
    Campus Tree Contest Finalists
    Winner of the Residence Hall Energy Savings contest -- Congratulations to McGloin Hall who saved almost 20% of their energy!!
Environmentally Friendly Pest Management by Presto-X
Single-stream recycling at Creighton -- learn more about it!
Information about the Creighton Sustainability Council
The world-famous popcorn machine
... and more!

George, Ed, and the Popcorn Machine

And some of the water bottles we gave away.  They were gone by lunchtime!

OPPD's Plug-In Prius

MUD's Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered car

Electric Motorcycle

Built from scratch by our own Creighton employee, Orlando "Tony" Parker.