Additional Services

Mail Services offers a variety of helpful, time-saving services to our customers. Each carriers a small, per-piece fee. A Mailing Service Request Form must be completed when requiring any of the following services.

Folding - Mail Services will fold your mail into halves, thirds or into specially designed folds as needed. The request for folding copied or printed matter is forwarded to the mail services coordinator. There is a 3 per piece charge for folding.

Insertion (Envelope Stuffing) - The insertion of correspondence, reprints, bills, and other printed matter into pre-addressed or window envelopes is available in Mail Services. Up to 6 separate pieces of correspondence can be inserted simultaneously. There is a charge of 3 per piece.

Note: Before submitting a request for folding a/o inserting, we will be glad to look at sample forms and envelopes
to determine if the materials can be processed in our systems. We can also offer suggestions for size and shape requirements to keep your mailing costs as low as possible.

Sealing - Automatic sealing of standard size, gummed envelopes for mailing is provided by Mail Services. For 2 or more envelopes which require sealing, leave the flaps down, then secure the contents of the envelopes with an elastic band. Forwarding them to Mail Services in this manner allows the envelopes to bypass sorting and move directly to the sealing and metering machine. If the envelopes cannot be mechanically, a charge of 2 per piece is applied for hand sealing.

Note: After insertion of contents into an envelope, leave the envelope flap down! Envelopes that are received with the flaps up will be returned to the originator. All envelopes larger than #10 must be sealed by the originator.

Labeling - There is a charge of 3 per piece for tractor fed or one-up labels. Hand labeling is also available at 3 per piece. Completion of a Mailing Service Request Form is required if labeling service is needed.

InkJet Printing Available upon request for a charge of 3 per piece.
 Tabbing - Available upon request at 2 per tab.