Courier Services

Mail Services will handle mail intended for national or international destinations transported via courier services. The national and international couriers utilized are Airborne, UPS, Federal Express, and DHL (international presort).

Selection of couriers depends on several factors. These include delivery destination and speed of delivery actually needed. Sixty-five percent of overnight mail does not need to be at its destination at a specific time, just anytime the next or the second day. All couriers (with few exceptions) offer:

  • Same day delivery;
  • Next morning delivery;
  • By noon delivery;
  • Afternoon delivery (by 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm);
  • Second business day delivery.

Each of these service levels has a different price schedule, and not all couriers go to all places within the same time frame. Call Mail Services for assistance.

For international mail, you may elect to use one of our international couriers, if facsimile service is not available or logical for your material. Normally, ordinary international mail is presort by DHL at a savings to the University. International courier service may require special documentation or customs declaration.

Local and Regional Messenger Services - It is each individual department's responsibility to contact city, state and regional messenger services or courier services.

Addressing for Courier Services - Post Office box numbers or Rural routes are unacceptable addresses for courier, messenger or speciliazed delivery services. Only the USPS can deliver mail to Post Office boxes. If unsure of how to address mail for delivery by these services, contact Mail Services.

Envelopes and Packaging for Courier Services

Envelopes - The various couriers supply us with 9" x 12" envelopes (sometimes called Overnight Letters), and large 12" x 18" envelopes (called Courier Paks). Pricing of the courier services are often linked to the size of envelope used. Mail Services will help you make packaging selections. We stock all sizes.

Other Packaging - Couriers also supply us with mailing tubes (for odd-size, long items) and various sizes of boxes. Our contract rates are linked to packaging, so Mail Services will help you select just the right size box for your delivery needs.

Courier Delivery, Pickup and Cut-Off Schedules - Click on one of these two US Post Office or Courier Services for the current Monday through Friday schedule. In rare, critical situations, we can arrange for later pick-ups than as indicated. Call Mail Services to make special arrangements.

Tips for Courier Use:
If at all possible, do not request Saturday deliveries, as additional charges will be incured.

In the rare instance that you would require Saturday service, determine if anyone will be at delivery destination. Consider signature waiver to be sure the item is left by the driver.

To conserve costs, do not use overnight service on Friday. Instead, consider USPS Priority mail for Monday delivery.