Addressing Mail

Single Sheet (nonconfidential) Correspondence - does not have to be inserted into an intracampus envelope. Simply print the complete campus address (name, department, and mail stop code) at the top of the front page, and then highlight it with a colored marker.

CC (Carbon Copy) or Distribution Lists - please indicate the full name and address for each intended recipient and highlight each with a colored marker.

Plain Envelopes - when addressing on-campus mail on plain white envelopes, a one line address format is preferred. A two-line format may be used if necessary. We request that you avoid three or more lines of address because such mail can be easily mistaken for mail intended for the U.S. Postal Service. Also, on plain envelopes dispatched through intracampus mail, place the address parallel to the short side of the envelope. This will enable us to easily identify it as intracampus mail and avoid confusion with USPS mail.

Intracampus Envelopes - used repeatedly until all lines on the envelope have been utilized. When using intracampus envelopes, make sure all previous addresses have been marked out to ensue proper handling and delivery. The current addressee should always appear on the last line. Intracampus envelopes can be used for mail to all locations served by Mail Services, including off-campus clinic locations.

Internal Parcels - the addressing of parcels and packages is the same as for correspondence. Be sure to use the full name and exact mail stop code to ensure accurate delivery.

Change of Address - A change of your campus location must be acted upon promptly. As soon as you learn of your new location and mail stop code, send a memo to Mail Services. Indicate your new and old mail stop location, along with your new campus telephone number. Don't know the mail stop, check here.

Inserts in Student Mailboxes - all mail sent to resident hall mailboxes must have the correct box number.