Addressing Tips

  2. Use two letter state abbreviations.
  3. Use only accepted standard abbreviations for addresses.
  4. Use zip + 4 codes (9 digit zip codes).
  5. Eliminate all punctuation, except the hyphen between zip code and + 4.
  6. For best results, type or machine-print all address information.
  7. Make sure print is clear and sharp, ensuring that characters don't touch or overlap.
  8. Black ink on a white background is most readable.
  9. Maintain a uniform left margin in the address.
  10. Include floor, suite and apartment number whenever possible.
  11. Put city, state, and zip code, or city, state and zip + 4, in that order, on the last line. If there is not enough room, you can put the zip code or zip + 4 alone on the bottom line.
  12. When using window envelopes, make sure the complete address is always visible, even when the insert moves inside the envelope.
  13. Leave one or two spaces between words and between the state abbreviation and zip code or zip + 4 code.
  14. Make sure the palce where you want mail delivered appears on the line immediately above the city, state and zip code line. If both a street address and a P.O. Box are on the same line, the mail piece will be delivered to the P.O. Box. For example:

Correct: 123 W MAIN ST STE 400
ANYTOWN NE 12345-6789

Correct: PO BOX 125
ANYTOWN NE 12345-6789

Incorrect: 123 W Main St Ste 400 PO Box 125
Anytown Ne 12345-6789