Express Mail

Express mail is an extremely reliable and fast delivery service, available from the USPS. It reaches all major markets in the U.S. and 84 foreign countries.

  • Express mail provides shipment of letters, documents and other mailable items, and carries document reconstruction insurance at no additional cost. You may mail up to 70 pounds by express mail. Express Mail can be delivered seven days a week at no extra charge.
  • Express Mail is a money-back guaranteed overnight to 2-day service that includes tracking, proof of delivery, and insurance up to $100.  Express Mail is delivered 365 days a year with no extra charge for Saturday, Sunday, or holiday delivery.  Mailers may call 1-800-222-1811 or visit for delivery information between specific ZIP Codes.  For mailers’ convenience, Express Mail envelopes and boxes are available from local post offices at no additional cost.  Customized preprinted labels are also available by contacting your local post office.  Matter mailed in USPS-provided Express Mail packaging is subject to Express Mail rates regardless of how the packaging is reconfigured or how markings may be obliterated.  Express Mail International Service is available between the United States and more than 190 foreign countries.  Express Mail tracking is available on the USPS Web site at  The following is a list of these options. Contact Mail Services at 280.1776 for further details.
    • Express Mail Next Day/Second Day Services provide guaranteed overnight and second-day service to designated delivery areas and post offices (113.4.2, 113.4.3).  For post office-to-post office option, sender must notify addressee for pickup.
    • Express Mail Custom Designed Service is available between locations in the United States on a scheduled basis under a service agreement (113.4.5).
    • Express Mail Military Service is available between the United States and designated APOs and FPOs.  Shipments are delivered in 2 to 3 days to more than 300 locations in Europe, Asia, and Panama (113.4.6).
    • Express Mail Same Day Airport Service is suspended indefinitely.
  • Extra Services
    • Return receipt service is available (503.6).  Insurance against loss, damage, or rifling is included at no extra cost up to $100 (503.1).  Additional merchandise insurance may be available up to $5,000, depending on the value and nature of the item.  Claims must be filed within 90 days of the date of mailing (609.1).  For an overview of extra services, see Quick Service Guide 503.
    • Waiver of signature:  mailers may instruct the USPS to deliver Express Mail packages without obtaining the addressee’s signature by signing the waiver on the Express Mail label.  A waiver of signature cannot be used for Express Mail Custom Designed Service, Express Mail COD, or Express Mail with additional insurance.

NOTE: Do not place express mail in the internal mail system. In order for it to depart in that day's mailing, your express mail MUST be delivered to Mail Services by 4:15 p.m.