First Class Mail

Any mailable matter may be mailed as first-class mail. The following examples are considered first-class matter and must carry postage at first-class or priority rates. It can get confusing, so remember: If you are not sure if it is first-class, call Mail Services at 280.3002 and ask us!

  • Matter wholly or partially handwritten or typewritten (including identical copies prepared by automatic typewriter), originals or carbons, invoices (except when accompanying the matter to which they relate), postal cards, and postcards. (A computer printout may or may not be first-class matter. It depends upon the content.) Contact Mail Services at
    280.3002 for additional information.
  • Matter sealed against postal inspection.
  • Bills and statements of account.
  • Price lists with written-in figures changing items or prices.
  • Blank printed forms filled out in writing