Package Services

Each package must not exceed 70 pounds in weight and a maximum of 108 inches in length and girth combined. Click to learn How to Measure.

  • The following are considered package service mail:

Packages or Parcels

Sound Recordings


Library Materials



Bound Printed Matter

Computer Media

Video Tapes

  • A number of quantity discounts are available for mailings of 200 or more pieces. Call Mail Services at 280-3880 for specifics. In addition, there are three subcategories of package service mail that may save postage. They are:
    • Media Mail (known as "book rate," but it is not just for books)
    • Library
    • Bound Printed Matter (known as "catalog rate")
  • Please contact Mail Services at 280.3880, and we will be happy to explain qualifying items and postage rates.