Bulk Mail

Available to Non-Profit Organizations Only!

Bulk mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces, separately addressed to different addresses. All pieces must be identical as to text, size, weight and number of enclosures.

All mailings over 5,000 pieces must be cleared with Mail Services. Time, equipment and personnel require advance planning for such large mailings.

All Bulk Mailings must:

  • Be accompanied by a completed Bulk Mailing Request Form.
  • Be sorted in correct numerical zip code order (from lowest zip code to the highest code). This is a USPS requirement.
  • Have the flap turned down on each #10 or smaller envelope, if unsealed. (This is due to equipment limitations.)
  • Have the flap sealed, if the envelope is larger than a #10. (This is due to equipment limitations.)
  • Have the standard indicia and Creighton's return address printed or stamped on each mail piece (to show non-profit status).
  • Have all intracampus and foreign labels separated.