Large Mailings

A large mailing is considered to be any mailing consisting of 2,500 pieces or more. However, even a smaller mailing of, for example, 500 pieces, can be intimidating or confusing. Before producing any large or specialized mailing, be sure to include the Mail Services manager in your mailing arrangements. This will ensure that your mailing program is timely and cost-effective.

A 72 hour advance notice is required to effectively handle and process large or special mailings. We must make sure that the following items are available and ready for your mailing:

  • Appropriate size and quantity of envelopes and/or corrugated boxes;
  • Mail Services personnel and equipment to process the mailing;
  • Sufficient postage on deposit to cover the cost of the mailing.

Therefore, please remember to give us at least 72 hours advance notice for any large or unusual mailings. If you have questions or concerns about any mailing, call us at 280.1776 for assistance.