Personal Mail

Incoming Personal Mail - all mail addressed to our physical address becomes the property of the University and is opened automatically by Mail Services to identify checks and payments. For this reason, the receiving of personal correspondence at the University address is STRONGLY discouraged.

Outgoing Personal Mail - is handled along with University mail. You may deposit your personal mail in an OUT basket located in your department or area.

Outgoing personal mail must be SEALED and have the PROPER POSTAGE AFFIXED prior to depositing it in the mail system. For your convenience, a stamp machine is located in the Mail Services lobby. Our personnel will be glad to help you determine the proper amount of postage.

Personal mail will be delivered to the USPS as received in Mail Services during our next scheduled trip.

NOTE: All personal mail, including magazines and packages, should be received at the individual's residence. All personal packages received by Central Receiving will be returned to sender unless prior arrangements have been made with the supervisor.