Reply Mail

Reply mail is mail that originates with you, the sender, either as enclosures (such as reply cards or envelopes) or as merchandise, and which, under certain circumstances, you intend to have sent back to you. Reply mail includes three types whose costs are paid by the originating sender, and one which is paid for by the returning party. The types of reply mail are:

  • Business Reply Mail (BRM) - BRM service enables to sender to receive first-class mail returned, for which postage is paid only on the mail actually returned. Payment of the appropriate first-class postage plus a handling charge per piece is paid by the original sender. A special format is required for mailing in foreign countries.
  • Meter Reply Mail - has all potential return postage prepaid by the original sender. Since there is no per-piece service charge for meter reply mail, it might be the most cost-efficient method in some instances. For more information, contact Mail Services at 280.1776.
  • Merchandise Return - specifically designed labels can be printed to supply customers wishing to return packages. As with BRM, the cost to the originating sender is the postage for the merchandise returned, plus a handling fee per piece actually returned.
  • Courtesy Reply Mail - mailers returning these to the sender must prepay the postage themselves. Preprinted envelopes with special formats are available from Mail Services.

NOTE: All business reply postage and handling charges are billed back to using departments. When you design any business reply envelopes or cards, please call the Mail Services Manager at 280.1776 for proper format. Your department name MUST appear in the address for billing.

  • Business reply mail handling charges range from a high of $0.44 per piece down to $0.04 per piece plus postage. Contact Mail Services at 280.1776 prior to designing any business reply mail to ensure that the most cost-effective method is utilized. We will be glad to be of assistance!