Return Receipt

Return Receipt is the sender's proof that something has been delivered and received. It is available for insured mail, and with certified, registered and domestic express mail shipments. The return receipt identifies the article number; the person signing for it, and the date it was delivered. It is not necessary to utilize a return receipt on all certified or registered mailings. Be certain to identify your mail stop, department, or cost center on any return receipts so they can be routed back to you, the originator. Cost for various types of return receipts services available are:

  • Return Receipt at time of mailing (received by mail) - $1.85
  • Return Receipt at time of mailing (receive electronically) - $1.50
  • Return Receipt for Merchandise (to whom delivered and date) - $3.15
  • Return Receipt for Merchandise (delivery record) - $3.15
  • Return Receipt after Mailing - $3.45
  • Restricted Delivery (delivered only to addressee or persons authorized in writing to receive addressee's mail) - $3.70

NOTE: C.O.D., Special Delivery, and Special Handling services are offered only through the USPS directly. Creighton Mail Services does not offer these categories of mail.