End of School Year and Campus Departure Responsibilities

  1. Students are responsible for providing the residential hall RA or resident director with change of address information prior to the last day of school.  Failure to do so will result in all mail being returned to sender.
  2. Mail left in mail boxes after the last day of school for the academic year will be returned to sender.
  3. Mail received after the last day of school will be forwarded to the student’s new address for a period 60 days.
  4. Students are advised to notify family, friends, financial institutions, publishers and other senders of their new address when departing Creighton University.
  5. When leaving the campus for vacations, holidays, or for an extended period, pick up packages and remove all items from your mail box.

When the need arises for residential mail room clerks to contact a student, the clerks will send an e-mail to the student.  Historical trends have shown that students almost exclusively use cell phones and e-mail instead of the telephone assigned to their room.  From experience, we know the use of e-mail messages have a better chance of reaching the students in a timely manner. 

You may contact the Residential Halls Mail Room Supervisor anytime during business hours (7:45 am – 12:45 pm Monday - Friday at (402) 546-6092 or by e-mail swalk@creighton.edu

Please do not contact the Director, Mail Services for general mail information.  We ask that you first contact your residence hall mail clerk for this information.  This will allow you to get the correct information quickly which will ensure your mail is not delayed.  If your mail clerk cannot solve your problem it will be referred to Mrs. Walker, Residence Halls Mailroom Supervisor.