Governing Guidelines

  1. All outgoing mail and packages submitted to Mail Services for dispatch must adhere to USPS governing rules, regulations, and statutes.
  2. Personal mail, packages, and flyers are not permitted to be sent through intercampus mail (USPS Private Express Statutes, Pub 542).
  3. Students are strongly encouraged to pick up their mail and packages daily.  The residential Hall mail boxes are small (4 x 3 ¾ inches) which limits the amount of mail that can be stored.  Mail not picked up within 7 days of delivery could be returned to sender.
  4. Due to limited space, all packages must be picked up within three business days of receipt.  Students will be notified by second notices in their mail boxes and, as a last resort, by e-mail.  Packages not picked up within this time frame will be returned to sender.
  5. Flowers, fruits and other perishable items are delivered directly to the front desk of each residential hall to prevent spoilage. 
  6. Mail Services are not responsible for items left outside the residential hall mailrooms.
  7. Mailrooms, unsecured (unlocked) mail boxes):  United States Postal regulation (Domestic Mail Manual) states “mail cannot be put in an unlocked mailbox.  Any mail boxes found unlocked will not receive mail.  If your mailbox continues to be unlocked, your mail privileges are subject to being revoked.  Keep in mind, Creighton University Mail Services, and the residential halls mailrooms cannot be held liable for any items taken from an unlocked box.