Package Pickup Procedures

Deglman, Gallagher, Kiewit, McGloin, & Swanson Halls: Residence hall mail clerks send email notifications for all packages when received, regardless of carrier. Please follow the instructions in the email for prompt service.

  • Kiewit & Gallagher Halls package pickup is in the Kiewit Mailroom

  • Swanson & Deglman Halls package pickup is in the Swanson Mailroom

  • The McGloin Mailroom serves McGloin


Davis Square, Heider, Kenefick & Opus Halls: Packages are delivered to the front desk of each hall. Residence Life desk staff is responsible for notifying students regarding package pick up by e-mail or phone. Please check with the residential hall front desk for your package.

  • Davis Square, (402) 546-6000

  • Heider, (402) 546-6200

  • Kenefick, (402) 546-6300

  • Opus Halls, (402) 546-6600