Package Pickup Procedures

Residence hall mail clerks prepare a notification slip for all packages received in the mail room, regardless of carrier. The slip is placed in the studentís mailbox notifying him /her of a package.  Due to limited space, please pick up packages the day of notification. Students must sign for all packages and pick them up only during the posted operating hours for each mail room.  Mail rooms provide ample time daily for package pickup.  Please prioritize your time to ensure packages are picked up in a timely manner to avoid conflicts.   Please do not call the Mail Center for package pick up after residential halls mail rooms posted closing time unless it involves medication.  The Mail Center is not staffed for these duties--You must wait until the next day.  In this case of an EMERGENCY pick up, please call (402)546-6092.  Students may be asked to verify that medication is actually in the package.

  • Kiewit and Gallagher Hall package pick up is in the Kiewit Mailroom
  • Swanson and Delgman Hall package pick up is in the Swanson Mailroom
  • McGloin Hall package pick up is in the McGloin Mailroom