Recognizing Suspicious Activity

Involving People

Someone going door-to-door in a residential area.  If, after a few houses are visited, one or more of the subjects goes into a back or side yard.  It is more suspicious if another remains in the front of the house when this occurs.

Someone waiting in front of a house or business when the owners are absent, or if it is a business and the establishment is closed.

Someone forcing entrance to or tampering with a residence, business, vehicle, etc.

A non-resident going into a back or side yard.

A person running, especially if something of value is being carried.    

Involving Property

Property carried by persons on foot.  This is especially questionable if the person is running, and may be significant if the property is not wrapped as if it was just purchased.

Property being removed from or being placed into vehicles or buildings if it is being removed from closed residences whose owners are known to be absent.

Someone offers to sell you something for significantly less than the market value.

Involving Vehicles

Slow moving vehicles, vehicles without lights, and vehicles that have a pattern of motion.

Vehicles being loaded with valuables are suspicious if parked in front of a closed business or unattended residence.

Notice abandoned vehicles and any activity around them.

Persons attempting to forcibly enter a locked vehicle, especially at night or in a parking lot.

Persons detaching mechanical parts or accessories from a vehicle especially at night or in a parking lot.

Apparent business transactions conducted from a vehicle especially if around schools or parks, and if juveniles are involved.

Persons being forced into vehicles, especially if they are juveniles or females.

Objects thrown from a vehicle, especially while traveling at a high speed. 


This resource is provided by Creighton's CU SAFE effort!