Online Parking Permit Registration for STUDENTS




Question:  If I don't appy for a parking permit through my Nest account will I still be billed for the permit on my tuition statement?

Answer:  No. You will only be billed if you register for a parking permit through your Nest account.

Question:  If I plan to graduate in December do I need to purchase a permit for the entire year?

Answer:  Yes, however, when you graduate in December and find that you no longer need your parking permit, bring your hangtag and the rear windshield validation sticker to the Public Safety Office.  We will then have the Business Office credit your account accordingly.

Question:  Can I get a refund on my parking permit any time I turn it in?

Answer?  You can get a refund/credit until March 31, 2017.  No refunds are given after that day.  Refunds are intended only for the months you will no longer be using your parking permit.  Refunds are not retroactive -- you cannot get a refund for the time you have already used your permit.