Student and Faculty/Staff Parking Information

Parking Information

The purchase of a Creighton University parking permit only allows you to search for and occupy a parking space as space is available.  It does not guarantee the availability of a space.  During normal business hours students are required to park in student lots.  However, in the interest of safety, students with valid permits may also park in faculty/staff lots from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday through Friday, and any time on weekends. Students are not allowed to park in faculty/staff lots during breaks or student holidays.  Students may not purchase a second vehicle permit.

Annual Student Parking Permit:

The annual parking permit fee for students beginning September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018, will be $348.00.  The 2017/18 permits are valid through August 31, 2018.  Students should apply for a parking permit through their NEST account.  The fee will be applied to the tuition account. To apply for a student parking permit, click here to go to your Nest account.

For students bringing a vehicle to campus later in the year, parking fees are pro-rated as follows:

After Fall Break:                     $261
After Christmas Break:           $174
After Spring Break:                 $ 87


If you will graduate, withdraw or transfer at the end of the Fall Semester, purchase a full year permit in the fall, then scrape the decal and return it to Public Safety before leaving campus in December.  We will have the Business Office refund half of your payment to your NEST account.

Parking Permit Registration for Full-Time and Part-Time Employees: 

  • We will mail your 2017/18 parking permit to your on-campus address. 
  • If you choose to come to the Public Safety Office to pick up your permit, please allow 24 hours for processing.

Faculty/staff parking permits are $380 per year for full-time faculty staff and $190 per year for part-time faculty staff.  (If you work 1,560 or more hours annually you will be charged the full-time rate. If you work less than 1,560 hours annually you are eligible for the part-time rate.) For those who may drive different vehicles to campus, additional validation stickers are available for $22.00.  If you register more than one vehicle, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time. Secondary permits are for faculty/staff use only. Faculty/staff parking permits are paid by payroll deduction, but this is only available for employees filling permanent positions. If your position is designated as a temporary position, you will need to pay for a parking permit in person at the Public Safety office using cash, check or credit card. To apply for a Faculty/Staff parking permit, click here.