Parking Ticket Appeals

Ticket Appeal Form

Click here to submit an appeal for a parking ticket.

Appeals of parking tickets must be received by the parking supervisor within seven (7) days after the ticket is issued.  Appeals will be accepted online or by filling out an appeal form in the Public Safety office. 

Please note:  The reasons listed below are not acceptable for appealing a parking citation:

  • I only parked in the location for a short time.
  • Everyone else parks there and never gets a ticket.
  • There were no signs that indicated I could not park there.
  • No parking was available anywhere else.
  • I parked in a handicapped stall without a state-issued handicapped permit, but was only there for a few minutes.

If you appeal a parking ticket within 24 hours of issue and your appeal is denied, you will still be eligible for the discounted payment in applicable categories. 

If you want to complete an appeal form and email it to the parking supervisor, select the parking ticket appeal form in the box above.  If you would prefer to send your form via campus or U.S. mail, please send it to:

Parking Supervisor
Department of Public Safety
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE  68178