What are the hours of operation for the shuttles?
Route schedules are posted at various locations around campus and at major shuttle stops. For a printable schedule click here.

Why do shuttle routes change?
Shuttle routes are evaluated at least annually due to changes in traffic patterns, street changes, new locations on campus, safety considerations, and ridership surveys. Routes are also revised in order to make the most effective use of the annual funding resources allocated to the Shuttle program by the University.

What if I need a ride in the evenings and Iím not on the shuttle routes?
When walking on campus or nearby neighborhoods during the evening, you are encouraged to walk in groups. If your destination is not located near a shuttle stop and you are apprehensive about walking alone, contact Public Safety at 280-2104 to request a pedestrian escort or transport. While you are waiting, be aware of your surroundings and attempt to stay in a building or in lighted areas until your escort arrives.

Why arenít the shuttles always on time?
Shuttle schedules can be interrupted occasionally because of traffic congestion, street constructions/detours, weather conditions, and over crowded shuttles during peak times. Please recognize that many delays are caused by situations beyond the control of the shuttle drivers.

Is there public transportation available to campus?
Metro Area Transit (MAT) does provide public transportation near Creighton. You can locate MAT schedules and fares at
www.metroareatransit.com or by phone at 402-341-0800.

Click here for local taxi companies information.

How can I contact the Shuttle Office?
The Shuttle operation is located in the Murphy Building, 701 North 20th St. You may reach the Shuttle manager, at 402-280-2396 or by email at msimanek@creighton.edu.

Why doesnít the shuttle run during semester breaks and throughout the summer?
The operation of the shuttle routes is funded for approximately 32 weeks of the year, during fall and spring semester sessions. With most students and faculty away from campus during the summer it is not feasible to continue the routes. Those remaining on campus should find parking convenient and plentiful during this time.

Can a shuttle be requested for group transportation?
Shuttles may be reserved for group outings or special events with advance notice and availability of shuttle drivers. There may be a charge associated with these arrangements depending on the groupís destination and time commitment of the shuttle. Please contact the Shuttle Office at 402-280-2396 or click here for a request form.