Student Testimonials

Internal Audit Interns Summer 2014 (From left: Brendan Baldridge, Carly Stratton, and Cameron McKee)

Carly Stratton (2015)
Internal Audit Graduate Intern

Going into this internship, I set the following goals for myself: learn and experience all sides of auditing, become a more proficient business writer, gain more confidence conducting meetings, and communicate efficiently and effectively. Not only do I believe that I achieved all those goals, but this internship also helped me solidify my career path and acquire a full-time assurance job after graduation. I am now more excited and ready to start my new job than I am nervous about not being familiar with the auditing process and procedures. I have developed immensely during my one year here. The experience taught me a lot and helped me develop skills beyond auditing that will benefit me significantly in the business world.

Carly will begin working for McGladrey in Naples, Florida in October 2015.

Thomas Murdock (2014)
Internal Audit Intern

I have truly appreciated working within the Internal Audit Department over the past three years. It has helped me develop personally and professionally. Working with [the Internal Audit Department staff] as well as interacting with other University members has been a wonderful experience. The knowledge, writing and analytical skills developed on the job have translated into my school work and business perspective. I want to thank you for your trust in my abilities and hope to continue our professional relationship.

Thomas Murdock was selected Creighton Student Employee of the Year 2014. He was a student employee for two years and then an intern for 2013-2014 academic year. Thomas is interning with Union Pacific Railroad Corporate Finance Division during his senior year.


(Right) Thomas in the Skutt Student Center with his congratulatory sign for winning Student Employee of the Year.

Colton Wieck (2014)
Internal Audit Intern

The Internal Audit Department at Creighton University provided me with a knowledgeable, first-hand experience in both the internal audit and general business professional field by working in a professional environment in which you are engaged in various internal audit tasks. From creating documents and spreadsheets for audits, working and communicating with other co-workers and departments at Creighton, to thinking critically and analyzing information; the Internal Audit Department provides students with the real world responsibilities of a job, while teaching and guiding them along the way. The skills and experience I have acquired from the Internal Audit Department have allowed me to be highly qualified in any future business profession.

Andrea Zapata (2013)
Internal Audit Intern

Working in the Internal Audit Department has been an extremely beneficial experience that has provided me with tools to better understand the material in my accounting classes, experience and knowledge that helped me in job interviews, and has given me a preview of the professional world. Everyone in the department is 100% invested in helping us (interns) learn and make the most out of our experience.  After being here for two years I feel ready to make the transition to another organization and am confident that I will be prepared to excel at my new job. 

Andrea is currently employed by KPMG as an assurance associate.

Michael Podpeskar (2013)
Internal Audit Intern

The Internal Audit Department at Creighton University provides a unique and rewarding environment by allowing the student to engage in a variety of tasks related to internal auditing. The department is focused on helping the student learn while also challenging them to think critically about the task at hand. The department culture, a team orientated approach, helps the student to understand how to communicate with others while creating value-added projects. The Internal Audit Department at Creighton University is a great environment for a young business professional, because they allow the student to work as a member of team, learn about the profession, and critically think about the tasks at hand. 

Michael is currently employee by RMS McGladrey as an assurance associate.

Angela Lax (2013)
Student Assistant

My work experience with the Internal Audit Department at Creighton University has given me an opportunity that will be an invaluable part of my future. Through this opportunity I have been able to work closely with the audit team, helping them organize data, gather information, finish reports, and file records, along with other tasks. During my time here, I have learned how to be a part of such a close team that works so hard to uphold the mission of Creighton University. Though at times the audit process can be quite a challenge, I have come to understand that it plays a vital role in keeping Creighton University alive. 

John Mattia (2013)
Student Assistant

Since joining the audit team at Creighton's Internal Audit Department, I have enhanced my skills and abilities to further my development in the business world. The friendly and helpful environment has improved my education on different levels from the basic office atmosphere and structure to organization and practicing my skills with various forms of information technologies. Team work is a very strong and visible factor within the department, which enriches our efforts to accomplish a goal. As a student, those who work above me have made my presence aware and have my best interest in mind. I have had ample amounts of hands on practice with various projects and team assignments. My overall experience has been very positive and enlightening.