Letter to Campus

Sept. 10, 2010, letter from Fr. Lannon to Creighton students, faculty, staff and alumni:

I want to thank the Creighton University Board of Directors and the Presidential Search Committee for the tremendous honor they have bestowed on me by electing me as the 24th president of this renowned institution. I am truly humbled.  My life was transformed while I was a student at Creighton, so I know from personal experience the intellectual, spiritual and cultural impact this campus and the people of this great University can have. I look forward to joining administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni as we together write the next chapter of educational excellence.

Creighton is home to me and my family. Not only am I a 1973 Arts and Sciences graduate, but also my father received his medical degree from Creighton in 1936; my mother graduated from St. John’s High School, formerly located across from St. John’s Church, and my brother Jim received his MBA from Creighton in 1976.  I treasure the honor to have received the Alumni Merit Award in 1993.  But my acceptance of this position is about much more than homecoming for me.

Nourished by my alma mater, I have been blessed with extraordinary educational opportunities and professional experiences throughout my lifetime.  A lesson from my experience is that success rests on the shoulders of the team with whom I am privileged to serve and work. We achieve most and best when we share a common vision of excellence. At Creighton, that foundation has been built for more than 132 years on the shoulders of strong leaders, not the least of whom is Fr. John Schlegel, S.J.  I am privileged to be named to succeed him and to continue the outstanding legacy he has built.

It is not just Creighton, to which I am returning, but Omaha, Nebraska and the Midwest. During my years as president at Creighton Preparatory School, I became familiar with the strong community and business values that make this community thrive. I look forward to renewing my ties with Omaha, and with alumni here and across the country.

As a very wise man, John Quincy Adams, once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” In the Society of Jesus, we call that “magis,” meaning, “the better good or excellence.” That is my hope and my commitment to join you in our continued excellence.

I look forward to collaborating with each of you as we continue Creighton’s dedication to academic preeminence in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.  God’s blessings.


Timothy R. Lannon, S.J.