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Tuition and Fees

View the tuition and fees below and view the full cost of attendance for undergraduate or graduate and professional schools.

Current Year Tuition

Undergraduate Programs Tuition'23-'24
Full-time tuition rate is for 12-18 credit hours per semester.
     Arts and Sciences$45,000
     Heider College of Business$45,000
     Nursing $45,000
          Other undergraduate nursing programs:
               Accelerated, Classes Continuing Jan. 2023$54,072
               Accelerated, Classes Entering Aug. 2023/Jan. 2024$55,425
Undergraduate, part-time, under 12 or over 18 hours$1,408/credit hour
Adult Learners
     Accelerated Online Students$514/credit hour
     Full-Time On-Campus Paramedicine$29,162
     Part-Time On-Campus Paramedicine$911/credit hour
     Full-Time On-Campus (all other majors)$31,404
     Part-Time On-Campus (all other majors)$982/credit hour
     Part-Time On-Campus - (classes after 4 p.m.)$644/credit hour

Graduate tuition rates and fees are listed by program.

Professional Programs'23-'24
Law (3-year program) *Tuition is based upon 16 credit hours per semester$46,944
     Law (full-time, per credit hour)$1,497
     Accelerated Law (2-year program/3 semesters - per credit hour)$1,497
     Law (part-time, per credit hour)$1,497
Post-Baccalaureate Medical or Dental$26,950
Pharmacy, on-campus and online, Years 1-3$39,128
     Year 4 (includes 3 semesters)$58,692
     Part-time on-campus per credit hour (taking 11 credits or less)$1,225
     Part-time online per credit hour (taking 11 credits or less)$1,225
Physical Therapy, Year 1$36,282
     Years 2-3 (includes 3 semesters)$54,423
     Part-time per credit hour (taking 11 credits or less)$1,158
Occupational Therapy (all pathways), Year 1$36,282
     Years 2-3 (includes 3 semesters)$54,423
     Part-time per credit hour (taking 11 credits or less)$1,158
Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Program (per credit hour)$1,158
Visiting Program in Pharmacy, OT or PT$1,119

Current Year Fees

Undergraduate Fees'23-'24
     University Fee, All Programs (full-time)$1,400
     Technology Fee, All Programs (full-time)$600
     University Fee – Part-time per semester and summer per session$74
     Technology Fee – Part-time per semester and summer per session$124
     International Student Orientation Fee (required of all new international students)$60
     Nursing Academic Program Fee (2 semesters, $362 per semester)$724
Graduate Program Fees 
     University Fee – Grad distance 1-6 credit hours per semester$161
     Technology Fee – Grad distance 1-6 credit hours per semester$68
     University Fee – Grad distance 7-8 credit hours per semester$320
     Technology Fee – Grad distance 7-8 credit hours per semester$134
     University Fee – Grad distance 9+ credit hours per semester$700
     Technology Fee – Grad distance 9+ credit hours per semester$300
     DBA Program Fee (3 semesters, $1,000/semester)$3,000 annually
     Graduate Nursing Academic Program Fee (3 semesters, $129 per semester)$408
     Graduate Nursing Academic Program Fee (part-time per semester)$69
 Other Fees
Tuition Remission Administrative Fee (mandatory for 100% CU tuition remission, tuition exchange and FACHEX programs) - $1,250
     Per Credit Hour
Student Health Insurance (12-month plan $3,530, 8/1/23-8/31/24)
Student Health Insurance (partial-year plans) up to $1,765 (depending on term)
International Student Health Insurance (12-month plan, 8/1/23-8/31/24)
Parking Permit Fee $200-$600 (Rate may be prorated if you bring a car midyear. Contact our office directly for the estimated rate.)
Processing Fee for Nontraditional or Visiting Programs (per course) - $27
Late Payment Fee (will be charged monthly to all unpaid tuition balances) - $150
FeePer YearPer Semester
Orientation Fee$200NA
Applied Music Fee (per registered music course: 100- and 200-level courses)NA$400

Arts and Sciences Lab Fee: per course/per semester ($70 per lab capped at $120 per semester/$240 per year)

  • Assessed to ALL students registering for any laboratory science course or laboratory section for courses in: Atmospheric Science (ATS), Athletic Training Education (ATE), Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHM), Environmental Sciences (EVS), Exercise Science (EXS), Natural Science (NSC), Physics (PHY), Psychology (PSY)
Career Portfolio Fee (mandatory fee for all Heider College of Business students)$340$170

Heider College of Business Technology Fee: per course/per semester ($20 per course capped at $60 per semester/$120 per year)

  • Assessed to ALL students who take business courses
Nursing Drug Screening Fee (required for all new nursing students first semester enrolled and all junior nursing students)NATBD
Accelerated Nursing Academic Program Fee (3 semesters; required for Omaha, Phoenix and Grand Island)$2,577$859

View Your Cost of Attendance

Steps to Follow

Follow the steps below to find a breakdown of your cost attendance components:

  1. Select: Log into your NEST
  2. Select: Financial Aid Tab
  3. Select: My Financial Aid Status 
  4. Select: Aid Year 
  5. Then click on Cost of Attendance

Creighton approved changes to undergraduate tuition, fees, and food and housing for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year—updated rates within the charts listed above. Review this letter for additional information on the changes and how the University sets rates.

Changing University policies, as well as unintended errors, subject this information to modification without notice. Creighton reserves the right to change any content at any time.

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