Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment of student learning is the process by which we come to understand if students are accomplishing the learning goals and outcomes we set for them. Assessment occurs at the course, program, college, school, and university levels. Whether assessment is formative (occurring during the process of learning) or summative (occurring at the end of the learning process), it provides information about what students know, what students can do, and what students hold of value.

Assessment of student learning is a faculty-led process with support from the administration. There are a variety of resources to aid in the process of assessment of student learning:  

  1. University Level Outcomes
  2. Planning for Assessment
  3. Doing Assessment
  4. Making Changes: Using Reports to Close the Loop
  5. Assessment Resources/Find the Resources You Need
  6. Assessment Mentoring Program
  7. University Assessment Committee
  8. School/Colleges Assessment
  9. Data Security and Privacy Considerations