Call for Nomination

Call for Nomination

Creighton University
Distinguished Educator in Teaching as Scholarship Award
Call for Nomination


Call/Return:    October 23 - December 1, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

Nomination:    Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment
                         (c/o Mary Ann Danielson, Associate Vice Provost for Academic
                         Excellence and Assessment)

Date of Event:  Award recognition: Founder's Week/Convocation 2018

University Policy with Regard to the Conferring of the University Research Awards

  1. Time:  The Distinguished Educator in Teaching as Scholarship Award shall be given at Founder's Week convocation.

  2. Standards:   Up to two awards will be presented annually. The recipients of the University Award must qualify according to the following criteria: 

    a.  Nominee must hold a full-time faculty appointment at the University 
    b.  Nominee must be at least at the rank of Associate Professor
    c.   Nominee must show a consistent commitment to the teaching 
         mission and objectives of the University and one's primary
         appointed Department

  3. Nomination Process
    a.  Eligible faculty may be nominated by any faculty member, department chair/program
         director, or Dean in the University; self-nominations are also encouraged and
         accepted.  Application materials are provided to each College Dean for distribution 
         to applicants in the College. 
    b.  Nominees will be evaluated based upon contributions in the following areas:
         -  An established body of work as an educator scholar (i.e., Teaching as Scholarship,
             Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)
         -  An active and consistent contribution to the instruction of his/her own discipline
         -  A demonstrated impact on practices in one's discipline(s)
    c.   As a nominator for the eligible faculty member, when submitting the nominee information online,
              you will need to provide the faculty nominee's NetID. 

  4. Submission of Application Packet Process
    a.  Submission of an application packet includes:
           i.    Nomination Letter
          ii.   Personal Statement   
         iii.  Contributions to Teaching
         iv.  Evidence of Teaching as Scholarly Research
         v.   (Optional) Letters of Support [Up to three]
    b.  Only complete application packets (i.e., nomination letter, personal statement,
         contribution to teaching, and nominees' evidence of body of work as a scholar)
         will be reviewed, and the review process will privilege the quality of one's contributions
         and evidence over sheer quantity of submitted materials.  Nominees are
         encouraged to be judicious in their selection of materials to submit, as each section has character
          limit requirements.
    c.  Instructions for completing nomination application packet. (printable PDF)
    d.  Access online application packet.
    e.  Questions regarding application packet materials, contact Dr. Mary Ann Danielson,
         Associate Vice Provost for Academic Excellence and Assessment at or 402.280.2535.

  5. Review and Evaluation of Applications
    a.  The application packet should be electronically submitted to the Office for
         Academic Excellence and Assessment.  The final evaluation of applications will be made by an award
        committee, comprised of faculty representatives from Academic Affairs and Health Sciences
        and chaired by the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Excellence and Assessment.
    b.  The committee will recommend to the Provost up to four recipients from the list
         of nominees.  The committee may also recommend meritorious mention for
         other outstanding nominees; concurrently, the committee may recommend that
         the award not be presented in any given year.
    c.  The Provost in consultation with the President shall make the final determination
         and the final nominee(s) will be forwarded to the Public Honors and Events Committee
         for their review.

  6. Description of Award
    a.  A plaque bearing the recipient's name(s) and the date of conferral. 
    b.  In addition, the Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment will award each
         recipient an honorarium of $1000.
    c.  Each recipient will be invited to share his/her teaching philosophy and scholarship
        at an AEA-sponsored luncheon.

    View and print materials:
    • PDF of Call for Nomination
    • PDF of Instructions for Completing Nomination
    • Sample Applications