Instructions on Completing Nomination

Instructions for Completing Nomination

Creighton University
Distinguished Educator in Teaching as Scholarship Award
Instructions for Completing Nomination 

Access online application packet.

Log into application with NetID and Blue password.

  • If submitting application on behalf of yourself, continue with steps 1-5.
  • If nominating a faculty member, you will be asked to enter faculty nominee's NetID.
  • As you enter information, SAVE OFTEN, following initial application information and following any edits/changes.  

A complete application packet will include: (Application font and type size are present.)

1.   Nomination
letter summarizing the nominee's distinguished educator qualifications.
      (Maximum 9600 characters.)

2.   Personal Statement detailing one's teaching philosophy and how it has resulted in a body of work that is
      recognized and acknowledged. 
      (Maximum 24,000 characters.  Note: One's curriculum vitae is not considered a personal statement.)

To accomplish this, the personal statement should include specifics in the form of narrative reflections and, as appropriate, supplemental materials regarding:

3.   Contributions to Teaching--An active and consistent contribution to the instruction of his/her own discipline
       and/or interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary instruction.
      (Complete all relevant sections.  Must complete at least one section.  Each section maximum 6000 characters.)

  • Effectiveness in undergraduate, professional and graduate instruction (Please do not include copies of teaching evaluations from peers or student ratings of teaching);
  • Curriculum development and innovation;
  • Awards and recognitions for excellence in teaching;
  • Evidence of leadership in teaching-, pedagogy-, and/or disciplinary-related activities, including service on educational committees, participation in national meetings, teachers' seminars and workshops.

4.   Teaching as Scholarly Research--A consistent and active involvement as an educator scholar in one's
      discipline resulting in a body of work as evidenced by:  (Complete all relevant sections. 
      Must complete at least one section. Each section maximum of 6000 characters.)

  • Publications, in the area of instructional methodology, pedagogy, student learning, student assessment, programmatic assessment, or related educational focus;
  • Presentations, evidence of dissemination of one's work that extends the impact of the work to other stakeholders through sharing of knowledge, organization of conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibits, cultural activities, town-hall meetings and other informational and educational functions that contributes to an outreach to both the professional and lay public;
  • Current work-in progress.

5.   Letters of Support [Up to Three] can provide evidence on how the nominee's body of work has impacted
      teaching and learning in his/her discipline and other related disciplines, or the lay public and other stakeholders.
      (PDF files only.)

The application is considered "open" for edits/changes until the December 2, 2016 by 10:00 a.m. application deadline.  Save the application following initial application information and following any edits/changes.  

PDF of Instructions for Completing Nomination for Distinguished Educator in Teaching as Scholarship Award