2011 AEA Grant Recipients

The Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Faculty Development Grants for the Assessment of Student Learning/Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

To view the abstracts of the successfully funded projects click the following links:

Assessing Medical Trainees' Reflections on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement 

  • Bryan Krajicek, MD, Principal Investigator
  • John Hurley, MD 
  • Tammy Wichman, MD

Assessment of Concept Mapping as a Learning Method in a Human Anatomy Course

  • Robert Sandstrom PhD, PT

Integration and Assessment of Concept Mapping as a Tool to Synthesize Concepts in a Pharmacy Communication Skills Course

  • Michele Faulkner, PharmD, Principal Investigator
  • Robyn Teply, PharmD, MBA

Assessment of Pain Management Therapeutic Outcomes Training Using a "Gaming-Technology" Scenario

  • Amy Pick, PharmD
  • Kimberley Begley, PharmD
  • Samuel Augustine, PharmD

Pharmacy Apples to Apples

  • Brian Henriksen, Ph.D.

Designing Student Learning and Outcomes Assessment Using Accreditation Standards

  • G. H. (Herb) Grandbois, Principal Investigator

Assessing physical therapy students' perceptions related to the utility of the KinectTM  video gaming system for balance and movement interventions

  • Kelly Nelson, DPT, Principal Investigator
  • Jennifer Furze, DPT
  • Lisa Black, DPT
  • Teresa Cochran, DPT
  • Rui-Ping Xia, Ph.D.
  • W. Wayne Young, PharmD

Are physical exam skills important?  A survey of medical student and resident perceptions 

  • Jason Lambrecht, PharmD, MD, Primary Investigator
  • Lee Morrow, MD
  • Eric Peters, MD

Your Opinion is Important to Us - Improving Student Completion of Online Course Evaluations as a Data Point within the Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Ethics (MHE) Curriculum Assessment and Programmatic Evaluation Plans

  • Teresa M. Cochran PT, DPT, GCS, MA, Primary Investigator
  • Amy H. Haddad PhD, RN, FAAN