2011 AEA Grant Recipients

2011 AEA Grant Recipients

The Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Faculty Development Grants for the Assessment of Student Learning/Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

To view the abstracts of the successfully funded projects click the following links:

Assessing Medical Trainees' Reflections on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement 

  • Bryan Krajicek, MD, Principal Investigator
  • John Hurley, MD 
  • Tammy Wichman, MD

Assessment of Concept Mapping as a Learning Method in a Human Anatomy Course

  • Robert Sandstrom PhD, PT

Integration and Assessment of Concept Mapping as a Tool to Synthesize Concepts in a Pharmacy Communication Skills Course

  • Michele Faulkner, PharmD, Principal Investigator
  • Robyn Teply, PharmD, MBA

Assessment of Pain Management Therapeutic Outcomes Training Using a "Gaming-Technology" Scenario

  • Amy Pick, PharmD
  • Kimberley Begley, PharmD
  • Samuel Augustine, PharmD

Pharmacy Apples to Apples

  • Brian Henriksen, Ph.D.

Designing Student Learning and Outcomes Assessment Using Accreditation Standards

  • G. H. (Herb) Grandbois, Principal Investigator

Assessing physical therapy students' perceptions related to the utility of the KinectTM  video gaming system for balance and movement interventions

  • Kelly Nelson, DPT, Principal Investigator
  • Jennifer Furze, DPT
  • Lisa Black, DPT
  • Teresa Cochran, DPT
  • Rui-Ping Xia, Ph.D.
  • W. Wayne Young, PharmD

Are physical exam skills important?  A survey of medical student and resident perceptions 

  • Jason Lambrecht, PharmD, MD, Primary Investigator
  • Lee Morrow, MD
  • Eric Peters, MD

Your Opinion is Important to Us - Improving Student Completion of Online Course Evaluations as a Data Point within the Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Ethics (MHE) Curriculum Assessment and Programmatic Evaluation Plans

  • Teresa M. Cochran PT, DPT, GCS, MA, Primary Investigator
  • Amy H. Haddad PhD, RN, FAAN