2017 AEA Grant Recipients

2017 AEA Grant Recipients

Supporting Excellence in Learning and Innovative Pedagogy

The Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Faculty Development Grants for the Assessment of Student Learning/Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  The AEA Development Grant Program provides "seed" money for award recipients' work in its early stages that advances the assessment of student learning or develops a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project.   

During 2017-2018, the Development Grant projects will be grouped thematically and will be presented during 90-minute lunches.  The luncheon series is designed to familiarize the campus with the grant recipients, their project and 2018 grant funding and application process.

To view the abstracts of the successfully funded projects click the following links:

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Use of Videos for Teaching Medication Skills  

  • Kathy Gonzales, Ph.D, LL.B., LL.M., Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School, Principal Investigator
  • Amanda Guidero, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School, Co-principal Investigator

Spiritual Integration to Enhance Reflective Practice in the Creighton University Accelerated Nursing Program

  • Sara Banzhaf MSN, PHHNP-BC
  • Jenna S. Woster, Ph.D., MSN, MA, Nursing
  • Sister Candice Tucci, BFA, MA Nursing
  • Kandis McCafferty, Ph.D., Nursing
  • Cindy Slone, Ed.D., RN, CEN, Nursing
  • Trisha Beirmann, MSN, RN, CVRN-BC, Nursing
  • Becky Davis, DNP, APHN-BC, Nursing
  • Mandy Kirkpatrick, MSN, RN-BC, Nursing
  • Margo Minnich, DNP, RN, Nursing
  • Jane Parks, RN, MSN
  • Marilee Aufdenkamp, MS, RN, Nursing 

Pre-Major Service Learning Practicum: Assessment through Reflection

  • C. Timothy Dickel, Ph.D., Education, Principal Investigator
  • Max Engel, Ph.D., Education and Theology, Co-principal Investigator

Stepping into the Map: Using Virtual Reality and Digital Mapping to Increase Experiential Learning Across Disciplines

  • George F. (Guy) McHendry, Jr., Ph.D., Communication Studies, Principal Investigator
  • Adam Sundberg, Ph.D., History, Co-principal Investigator

The Use of Augmented Reality Photospheres in the College of Nursing to Decrease Student Anxiety

  • Sarah Ball, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, Nursing, Principal Investigator
  • Mark Panning, RadLab, DoIT
  • Jacque Miller, MSN, Nursing
  • Anne Schoening, Ph.D., RN, CNE, Nursing
  • Dana Koziol, MSN, Nursing
  • Kandis McCafferty, Ph.D., RNC-OB, C-EFM, Nursing
  • Cindy Selig, DNP, Nursing
  • Christina Murcek, MSN, Nursing
  • Ethan Fukuda, Heider College of Business
  • Emily Koster, DoIT

Preparing Nurse Practitioners Students to Deliver Bad News

  • Lindsay Iverson, DNP, APRN, Nursing, Principal Investigator
  • Susan Connelly, DNP, APRN, Nursing
  • Meghan Potthoff, Ph.D., APRN, Nursing

Managing Life Challenges Through Resiliency Teachings

  • Jacque Miller, MSN, Nursing, Principal Investigator
  • Erick Hill, Ph.D.
  • Ann Harms, Ed.D., RN, Nursing
  • Cindy Selig, DNP, RN, Nursing

Changing the Candidacy Process in the Interdisciplinary Ed.D. Program in Leadership to Assessment for Learning

  • Candace D. Bloomquist, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Ed.D. Program in Leadership, Principal Investigator
  • Jennifer Moss Breen, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Ed.D. Program in Leadership, Co-principal Investigator
  • James R. Martin Jr., Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Ed.D. Program in Leadership, Co-principal Investigator

Assessment of Clinical Knowledge and Interprofessional Collaboration during Multidisciplinary Telehealth Case Studies

  • Kimberley Begley, Pharm.D., Pharmacy, Principal Investigator
  • Amy Pick, Pharm D, BCOP, Pharmacy, Co-principal Investigator
  • Katie Packard, PharmD, Co-principal Investigator
  • Alan Klem, Ph.D., Theatre
  • Amy Lane, Ph.D., Theatre

From Perception to Perspective: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Service Learning Project

  • Gail A. Poskey, Ph.D., Occupational Therapy, Principal Investigator
  • Bobbi Greiner, Ph.D., Occupational Therapy, Principal Investigator

Implementation of a Strengths-Based Leadership Training for Third-year Pharmacy Students: a pilot study

  • Amy Pick, Pharm D, BCOP, Pharmacy, Principal Investigator
  • Andrea Alder-Garcia, Pharmacy
  • Shawn Cook, Student Affairs, Pharmacy
  • Kimberley Begley, Pharm.D., Pharmacy

Community Health Nursing Clinical Immersion Experiences

  • Margo J. Minnich, DNP, RN, Nursing, Principal Investigator
  • Nancy Shirley, Ph.D., RN, Nursing
  • Amanda Kirkpatrick, MSN, RN, Nursing
  • Lori Rusch, Ph.D. NR, Nursing
  • Kelly Tadeo Orbik, Schlegel Center for Service and Justice
  • Jeff Peak, Schlegel Center for Service and Justice
  • Andra Montoya, ILAC

Applying Gallup StrengthsQuest Themes to Learning and Academic Success Strategies

  • Kevin Powers, Ph.D., Academic Success, SPAHP, Principal Investigator
  • Katie Wadas-Thalken, M.Ed., Academic Success, SPAHP, Co-principal Investigator