Nebraska Women in Higher Education Leadership (NWHEL)

NWHEL 2015 Conference Information and Registration

"Leading from Within"

September 18, 2015; 8 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Union College, Lincoln, NE

Detailed NWHEL 2015 Conference Program

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Strength-Based Leadership - JerLene Mosley
GALLUP Learning and Development Advanced Consultant

JerLene Mosley, Learning and Development Advanced Consultant for Gallup, works with schools and districts throughout the U.S. to improve performance through selection, engagement, coaching and development. An expert on Gallup's talent-based hiring science, JerLene consults on human resources strategies and personnel selection, as well as increasing teacher and student engagement, leading to improved educational outcomes.

JerLene has presented seminars on strengths-based development for more than 100 of Gallup's K-12 education clients. She develops curriculum and presents in-person and online seminars on strengths-based leadership for educators and administrators, and strengths-based approaches to student development, academic achievement and goal-setting.

SESSION I (10-11 AM)

A. Authentic Leadership
Participants will consider a comparison and contrast of traditional and authentic leadership styles. The concepts of authentic leadership will be explored and attendees will complete a questionnaire to determine the authentic leadership characteristics they currently possess. Additionally, each participant will determine their next step as an authentic leader.

Target Audience: Any participant at the conference open to exploring authentic leadership concepts and willing to reflect on their future as a leader.

Presenter: Kathy Marble, Sociology Instructor, Central Community College, Hastings

B. Leadership and the Power of YES
It is a busy world for women. Demands from work and home can be so overwhelming that we often say NO to opportunities when we should say YES. This session focuses on changing NO to YES when new professional and personal experiences arise to use existing skills and develop new skills which contribute to a well-rounded leader.

Target Audience: Faculty, administration, staff, or students.

Presenter: Dr. Jennie Rose-Woodward, Assistant Program Director, Master of Arts in Teaching, College of Saint Mary

C. Women Leaders' Experiences of Purpose and Calling
Purpose and calling have inspired women's leadership career paths in different settings. In this session, purpose and calling will be defined. The stories of three women leaders and their experiences of purpose and calling will be presented. Participants will be invited to identify their personal experiences of purpose and calling.

Target audience: Faculty, administration, or graduate students

Presenters:Marilyn L. Grady, Ph.D., Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Eva Bachman, Doctoral Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Alisha Bollinger, Doctoral Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Jennifer McAtee, Doctoral Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

D. Gendered and Intergenerational Communication
For the first time in history, there are five generations interacting in the workplace and women hold over half of these positions. This presentation will examine communication styles from an intergenerational and gendered perspective and provide attendees with information about how to capitalize on their communication strengths in higher education.

Target Audience: Faculty, administration, and professional staff

Presenters:  Leah Georges, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Creighton University; Isabelle Cherney, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Director of Interdisciplinary Ed.D. Program in Leadership, Creighton University

E. Team Leading from Within
This interactive workshop is grounded in coaching philosophies and leadership skills highlighted in Coaching Women to Lead (Leimon, Moscovici, & Goodier, 2011). Team Building exercises reflecting the 70:20:10 Model (Lombardo & Eichinger, 1996) are utilized, mindful that in a world where teams are virtual, diverse, and global the most significant way to build teams is by strengthening ourselves.

Target Audience: Faculty, graduate students, staff, and administration

Presenters:  Dr. Wendy Shirey, Test Center Manager and College of Business Adjunct Faculty, Bellevue University; Kim Whiteside, Instructional Systems Designer, Metropolitan Community College

F. An Encouraging Heart
Kouzes and Posner identify "encouragement" as one of the five practices of exemplary leadership. Encourage shares the Latin root with courage and implies giving "heart." This presentation explores the ways in which women leaders utilize their "feminine genius" as a way to encourage to those entrusted to their care.

Target Audience: Faculty and educational leaders

Presenters:   Joy Martin, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, College of Saint Mary; Vanessa M. Seifert, Ph.D., Leadership Resources, Nebraska Wesleyan University.

G. Strength-Based Leadership Follow Up Session
In this follow-up session, Jerlene Mosely shares additional insights into how you can make Strengths-Based Leadership work for your professional development needs. Learn how to work with your individual leadership strengths to enhance not only your own leadership style, but those of your team as well.

Target Audience: All participants

Presenter: JerLene Mosley, GALLUP Learning and Development Advanced Consultant

Session II (11:15-12:15)

A. Leading Up
The concept of "leading up" has become popular in leadership literature. At its core, "leading up" requires relationships with organizational leadership that enables one to communicate important and often challenging messages to decision makers. This presentation will discuss what it means for women to "lead up" in higher education.

Target Audience:Faculty, graduate students, administration, and staff

Presenters:  Renea Gernant, Ph.D., Institute of Advanced Professional Programs, Bellevue University; Kristy Plander, Ph.D., Dean of General Education and Academic Advancement, Bryan College of Health Sciences; Holly Andrews, Director of Assessment, Mid-Plains Community College; Lisa Ashby, Ph.D., Professor of English, Concordia University

B. Aligning Expectations and Reality: Managing Psychological Contracts and Negotiating I-deals for Success
Psychological contracts are unwritten expectations people bring to an employment relationship. I-deals are negotiated deals that may not resemble a traditional compensation package. Learn how to recognize and manage the components of each throughout your career for greater career focus, job satisfaction, and work/life harmony.

Target Audience: Administrators, faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Presenter: AnnMarie Marlier, Ph.D, Dean of Graduate Programs and Faculty Development, Midland University

C. Leadership Development beyond the Traditional Conference Circuit
Opportunities for personal and professional development are offered but often declined. Too many commitments, too much work, too little energy, or too many family obligations are some of the responses to the invitations to take time for personal and professional development. In this session, three opportunities outside the mainstream professional conference circuit and their benefits will be presented.

Target Audience: Faculty, graduate students, and administrators

Presenter: Marilyn L. Grady, Ph.D., Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

D. Leading Millennials
Millennials are 81 million strong and are poised to be the future leaders of organizations in the private and government sectors. There are a lack of effective methods for developing leadership competencies and abilities within organizations for Millennials. How can leadership development initiatives be adapted to become more engaging and relevant to Millennials?

Target Audience: Administration, faculty, graduate students, and staff

Presenter: Cecilia M. Seldon, PSY.D LPC LMHP LIMHP, Adjunct Professor, Bellevue University and College of Saint Mary

E. Leadership: A Way of Living- A Way of Working
In considering leadership as a formal role, we risk minimizing the power for good that is generated when identifying oneself as "a person of influence." Through reflection and reframing we may gain awareness of our informal-yet significant impact on others, and thereby, thoughtfully choose the quality of that impact.

Target Audience: Any individual interested in maximizing her influence with intentionality and authenticity

Presenter: Susan Joslin, Ph.D., Master of Organizational Leadership, College of Saint Mary

F. Awakening your Inner Dialogue: Reflective Practice as a Method for Self-Awareness and Growth
Reflective practice is an approach to gaining self-awareness and a tool to consciously think about what you do and how you do it. This interactive workshop will allow participants to engage in discussion on the topic of reflective practice and methods for implementation in daily life.

Target Audience: Faculty, staff, and administration

Presenter: Kimberley Meisinger, DNP, MS, RN, NE-BC, Founder of and Bellevue University Program Director, RN-BSN Program

G. Empowering Students to Lead from Within
This session describes how nursing students facilitated a workshop,"CONNECT: Building and Maintaining Relationships", which incorporated concepts of emotional intelligence. Presenters will review an innovative Nurse Leadership Scholar program, share workshop framework and evaluative data. Although this was a nursing student workshop, the content is appropriate for any discipline.

Target audience: Faculty, graduate students, and administration

Presenters: Mika Natori, Nursing Student, Creighton University; Sue Selde, MS, Academic Success Coordinator College of Nursing, Creighton University

Featured Luncheon Women's Panel (12:30-1:15)

Sara Boatman Moderator

Come and enjoy your lunch while listening to the stories of woman "Leading From Within" in the diverse world of Higher Education


NWHEL is an affinity group of the ACE Women's Network, a project of the Inclusive Excellence Group of the American Council on Education. The mission of NWHEL is to advance women's careers and leadership in Nebraska higher education. NWHEL is committed to fostering diversity in higher education leadership with regard to race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and/or disability. NWHEL strives to improve the status of women working in Nebraska's colleges and universities.