Service Learning at Creighton

"Service-learning is a form of experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students work with others through a process of applying what they are learning to community problems and, at the same time, reflecting upon their experience as they seek to achieve real objectives for the community and deeper understanding and skills for themselves."*

A fundamental part of Creighton's mission and a characteristic that distinguishes our University from others is service-learning.  It is, in fact, our resolute focus and continuing effort that extends beyond the brick and mortar of our classrooms into the communities in which we live and serve.  The monthly campus Service-Learning Newsletter features students, faculty and staff engaged in a variety of service and outreach programs.  The publication includes a focus on community connections, conference information, recommended reading, and more.  View past editions of the newsletter.

President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

  • Creighton University has been recognized in the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll since 2006 and recognized "With Distinction" in 2014 (previously 2007). 

  • For 2013-2014, Creighton University reported more than 1 million total student service hours for the reporting year. The report shows that 4,520 Creighton students engaged in academic, co-curricular or community service; 65% (2,921) of Creighton students engaged in some form of academic service learning and 3,571 students participated in more than 20 hours of service in a given semester.

  • 2016 President's Honor Roll for 2014-2015 Institutional Data is now being collected.  If your school/college is in a position to report on July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 data, please follow the Application Guidelines which offers an explanation of the process and directions on how to complete the forms and templates: 
  • View additional information on the President's Higher Education Service Honor Roll

Metropolitan Area Coalition for Service Learning

Creighton University is a member of the Metropolitan Area Coalition for Service-Learning (MACSL).  The 2015-2016 theme is "Sustainability."  The Coalition seeks to (1) increase collaboration and share selected service-learning programming among nine metro-area universities; (2) to offer coordinated programming on a selected topic each semester; and (3) to bring university and college resources to bear in educating students and the public about selected significant local, national and international issues.

Service-Learning Toolkit and Faculty Development Tutorials

The purpose of this toolkit is to inspire faculty, through these foundational "nuts and bolts" documents, to develop, implement and evaluate their own service-learning partnerships and experiences in their communities.  The Using the Community as a Classroom: A Toolkit for Educators Working with Communities is rich with information and supporting materials to aid faculty in service learning.  Originally designed in health sciences, the toolkit great resource for faculty of all disciplines.

The faculty development tutorials are used as guides for faculty who are in the beginner/introductory stages of service learning.   They will have the opportunity to engage in a series of worksheets and activities to complete the tutorial objectives. 

Tutorial 1:  Introduction to Service-Learning and Its Connection to Jesuit Ideals
Tutorial 2:  Identifying Goals and Objectives for Service-Learning Courses
Tutorial 3:  Finding Service-Learning Community Partners
Tutorial 4:  Creating Reflection Assignments for Service-Learning
Tutorial 5:  Assessing Service-Learning Assignments
Tutorial 6:  Putting It All Together to Create a Service-Learning Course Syllabus

* Eyler, J., & D.E. Giles, J. (1999).  Where's the Learning in Service-Learning?  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass.  As taken from the National Commission on Service Learning.