Tutorial 1

Introduction to Service-Learning and its Connection to Jesuit Ideals

Have you ever wondered what service-learning is all about? Well, this tutorial provides an introduction to service-learning and allows you to think about your initial perceptions about how service-learning may benefit your courses and your students.  As Creighton's Jesuit mission is to act in service with and for others, you will be asked to think about how you and your students may engage in service-learning activities to create relationships with community partners, as well as how you may personally benefit in engaging in the pedagogy of service-learning in your personal and professional life. 


After you have completed the pre-assessment, click on this video link to hear more about engaging your students in your course material and in the community in which we live.  The tutorial is a combination of video, audio and powerpoint presentation)

Tutorial 1 -  Introduction to service-learning and its connection to Jesuit ideals 

Complete the post-tutorial worksheet to engage you in completing the tutorial objectives: