Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 - Finding Service-Learing Community Partners

Finding Service-Learning Community Partners

Just as it is important to identify the course goals, objectives and assignments, it is just as vital to choose the appropriate community partner for your service-learning course.  The key is that a community partner and the partner's needs and strengths are picked that best fit with what you want to accomplish during the semester.  in other words, the course should help identify the community; rather than the community site planning the course. 

This tutorial will provide some critical items to consider when choosing the best community/service partner for your course because your involvement in this partnership is vital for the success of the course and your community relationship.

Tutorial 3: Finding Service-Learning Community Partners
(video, audio and powerpoint presentation)

Complete the post-tutorial worksheets to engage you in completing the tutorial objectives:

Community Partner Worksheet

To obtain additional information about your community partner prior to determine feasibility of using a site for a service-learning project, click of the following link to find a questionnaire (pre-assessment) you can use when visiting with a potential partner:

Instructor/Agency Orientation Questionnaire