Tutorial 5

Tutorial 5 - Evaluation of Assignments and Assessment of Objectives

Evaluation of Assignments and Assessment of Objectives

Have you ever wondered if your students are really "getting it?"  How do you know if your assignments and reflections are meaningful for your students?  Students should be given a grade for the learning and not just the reflection of the service; however this is sometimes difficult to evaluate and assess.  

This tutorial will help you identify differences between evaluation and assessment and identify ways in which you can examine your student's work, as well as the effectiveness of your course objectives. 

Tutorial 5: Evaluation of Assisgnments and Assessment of Objectives
(video, audio and powerpoint presentation)

Complete the following post-tutorial worksheets to engage you in completing the tutorial objectives:

Assessment Worksheet

To examine a sample of a rubric, see the 3-point assessment grid below:

Assessment Rubric Sample

To view additional samples of assessment instruments, please click below:

Student Perception Pre-Assessment

Student Perception Post-Assessment