Tutorial 6

Putting it All Together to Create a Service-Learning Syllabus

Students want to know the expectations of any course, but in particular, a service-learning course has some additional elements that should be contained in a syllabus.  Creating a service-learning syllabus is the culmination of all of your great ideas, but it should also guide the students through this new form of pedagogy of which they may not be familiar.  Students need to be informed of various expectations of this "additional lived text" for the course. 

This tutorial will identify the nuts and bolts to consider when creating a service-learning syllabus in order to provide your students the best experience possible with the least amount of surprises.

Tutorial 6: Putting it All Together to Create a Service-Learning Syllabus
(video, audio and powerpoint presentation)

Below for samples of syllabi, project criteria, liability forms and the like for ideas for your service-learning courses.  Please keep in mind these are samples.  Your particular College may have specific requirements/forms for courses or community-based experiences; check with your designated office or administrator for details.

Syllabi Samples:   Family Communication

Project Criteria Samples:   Family Communication - working with Elderly Population

Time Log Sheet Samples:   Service Time Sheet Sample

Liability Form/Agreement Form Samples:

Student-Agency Agreement Form Sample

Instructor-Agency Agreement Form Sample

Waiver-Liability Form - Arts & Sciences Sample