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Aesop's Artifacts

From plates to stamps, from cards to whiskey decanters, from toys to posters, you'll find just about anything you can imagine here.  Please explore all that is to offer here in my fables Catalogue of Objects.

This is the largest online catalog of fable related objects on the internet.  Many are from Aesop's Fables but you will find La Fontaine, Velazquez and Krylov also represented in this collection.


Advertising items including movies & TV; postcards from the Drake-Wiltshire fable restaurant; and individual advertising items.
A rich variety from cassettes to View-Master; Films to Records; Lantern Slides to DVD's; from Boris Karloff to Fr. Greg Carlson!
Lacquer boxes, matchboxes and even porcelain boxes.
Cans & Tins
A surprising variety of tins, Cookie tins, syrup tins, candy tins and even bubble gum tins!
There are over 2000 different cards in many different categories of cards, including Bonbon Cards, Cigarette Cards, Shadow Cards, Post Cards, Trading Cards and of course Playing Cards.
Carvings, Statues, & Figurines
Delightful statuettes, figurines and carvings, from several countries!
Tapestries, fabric, crewel-stitch and felt books. Fables are everywhere!
Clothing & Accessories
Clothing and accessories including buttons, ties, earrings, patches and even handbags!
The Mardi Gras has featured several coins featuring fables and one 1900 German coin.
Desktop Items
There are some elegant items that have been fashioned to grace a desktop and remind the person sitting at the desk of fables.
Household Items
Household items including but not limited to scrap albums, rugs, weathervanes, clothes hooks and even a pair of scissors.
Six delightful paper masks from G.P. Putnamís Sons made in 1994.
Original Art
Many kinds of original art grouped by the materials out of which they are made.
Product Labels
Cheese, candy, cigars, matchboxes, wines
Other Printed Materials
The harvest of printed material other than books is abundant. From menus to bookmarks to notebooks that quote and feature Aesop, there is much here
Stamps & Mail
Iíve found stamps, special post cards and stamp-related items from several countries.
I have been surprised at the number of things that a person can put onto a table to reflect a fable.
There are several series of fable tiles; I have found eight so far belonging to three different series.
Toys & Games
It is not surprising that people have put fables into toys of various sorts.
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