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Suchard Landscape Cards

1905? 12 numbered French cards of La Fontaine fables from Chocolat Suchard. 2 3/8" x slightly more than 4". $63 from Marie Foreman, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, through Ebay, Feb., '02.  The last two cards for $10 from Albert Van den Bosch, Antwerp, Belgium, April, '13.

These small landscape-formatted cards offer beautiful colored pictures of human scenes exemplifying animal fables. The picture-side includes "Chocolat Suchard," a number up to 12, and a title. The verso, sometimes showing a glue-tear, comes in four different patterns. In each of the patterns, a title and excerpts from the fable occur beneath an elaborate monocolor floral or animal background, "Neuchatel, Suisse," and mention of London, Paris, and New York offices. The addresses are the same in each format. Each format also mentions "Exposition Universelle Paris 1900 Grand Prix." The colored illustration cleverly includes both the animal scene and some Suchard product into the human scene. Even a bridge and a road bear the Suchard name! Do not miss in "Les Deux Coqs" the dramatic confrontation of two men in the farmyard, while a young woman looks on. The joker in FC is about to lure the Suchard chocolate from the vain dandy who carries it. The scene in "Le Rat et l'Huitre" is complex. A boy stealing packages of Suchard chocolate is about to experience the jaws of an attacking dog, just as the rat probing an oyster is about to have the oyster snap shut on his or her head!

Click on any card to see it enlarged.  Because of the quality of these illustrations, I have made them larger on the screen than they would appear in the hand. 



Cat and Mouse

Les Deux Pigeons



L'Ane Portant des Reliques  

Les Deux Coqs


Le Lièvre et les Grenouilles  

Le Rat et l'Huitre


Les Deux Pigeons Verso

Les Deux Coqs Verso

WL Verso

Le Lièvre et les Grenouilles Verso