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World's Greatest Minds

1997 "The Fables of Aesop." Eight cards by World's Greatest Minds Ltd, England. Each card has a window opening on a reproduction of a classic fable illustration. The outside of the card, around the window, presents the text of the fable. The inside presents the application. Stories and applications are taken, in slightly edited form, from Croxall. Gift of Maureen Hester from the Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, August, '97. Several extra copies. Click on any card to see a larger image.

"The Bald Knight" (C17) (x2)

"The Man and His Two Wives" (C18)

"The Wood and the Clown" (C19)

"The Sensible Ass" (C22)

"The Thief and the Dog" (C23)

"The Drunken Husband" (C24) (x3)

"The Travellers" (C25) (x4)

"The Master and His Scholar" (C26) (x3)