1900?    Black-and-white photographic postcard presenting GA.  "98.2."  S.I.P.  $2.99 from Cathy Merdji-Barlet, Luriecz, France, through eBay, May, '15.

This card is consistent with the S.I.P. series on TMCM.  Notice that the whole verso is dedicated to the addressee.  There is the remnant of a written message on the upper right of the photograph.  This is apparently the second scene in a series.  There are two lines from La Fontaine's fable: "When winter came, she had nothing."  Is a card like this something of a "French girly" card offering an excuse to present an attractive woman in less than usual clothing?  Notice the guitar slung over her back.  And is that hair, headdress, or hat?