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Bonniol Children

1944? Eight cards showing children fulfilling the roles of La Fontaine's fables.  Signed by "L (?) Bonniol."  Imprimé en France.  Éditions Superluxe-Paris.  "Oyster and Litigants" for €5 from Suzanne Botti, Le Bono, at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.  WL for €4 at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.  The other six a gift of Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, August, '15.

Good color work in these cards notable for their unevenly cut edges.  One can ask what the purpose is of having the children play the adult roles in some of these fables.  In "The Oyster and the Litigants" there may be something adult and even erotic about these children.  In WL, it makes sense that the bigger boy can take what he wants from the little girl.  Is the fox in FG a male putting down females above?  One might also ask questions about how the figures in MSA fit together.  Does changing to the child's world lose the point here?   I am not sure, finally, how OF might work between these two children.  For all those questions, I still delight in the colors and forms in these engaging cards!



L'Huitre et les Plaideurs



Little Fish and Angler