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Krylov Bazhenov

1970? Ten cards displaying lively colored illustrations of Krylov's fables. The artists for these cards are A. Bazhenov. At least some of them seem to have been produced in Kaliningrad. Unknown source, July, '03. Extra copies of "A Quartet" (IV 1), "The Industrious Bear" (VI 23), and "Swan, Pike and Crab" (two copies, IV 5) for between $8 and $10 each from Vladislav Pronin, Brooklyn, through Ebay, Feb., '00 and April, '00.

The image for IV 5 gives a clear sense that the three are pulling in different directions (up, down, and sideways); thus at least the former two cancel each other out. The industrious bear is trying to make bowed carriage harnesses in one action; the point is that this sort of work needs patience. Other great images here include the envelope's strong composite image, "The Cat and the Cook" (III 8), and "A Train of Carts" (II 20).

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Envelope for Set of 10

Cat and Cook III 8

FC I 1

The Industrious Bear VI 23

The Monkey and the Mirror V 8

Swan, Pike and Crab IV 5

WC VI 12

Quartet IV 1

The Soup of Master John V 1

A Train of Carts II 20

Wolf in the Kennels II 8



Bazhenov seems to have done a different presentation of "Quartet" in another series. Thus this card seems to have been done at two different periods, with remarkably different coloring and quality.


This card, which may well be older than the similar card above, lacks that card's dramatic colored background.