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Krylov by Serov

1971 Twelve cards displaying black-and-white drawings of Krylov's fables by B.A. Serov. 4¼" x 6". Moscow. $5 each from Vladimir Pronin, Brooklyn, through Ebay, May, '00.

At first, these images may seem rather dull. Give them time. Several are very good. Among my favorites is "Three Townies" (VIII 23), in which one clever man eats the soup while the other two argue how to apportion it. The victim bull about to be seized upon by all the animals in "The Plague of Beasts" (II 4) is also well suggested by the light lines against the heavier lines of the other beasts. The lion in "The Lion and the Wolf" (V 14) lets the wolf know that puppies can get away with things not allowed to wolves. Trishka's caftan (IV 8) may only be suggested, but the laughter of others at his expense is clear. Notice that there are two different renditions of "A Quartet" (IV 1).

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Jackdaw and Ram

Lion and Wolf

Monkey and Spectacles

Plague of Beasts


"Quartet" 2nd View

Three Townies

Trishkan's Kaftan


Wolf and Shepherds