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Krylov Multi-Colored by Stroganova

1967 Krylov's Fables. Three colored cards clearly belonging to one series and two cards (earlier) by the same artists, M. Alexeyev and N. Stroganova. Respectively 3a - 1327, 1330, 1332, and 1339. $8 each from Vladimir Pronin, Brooklyn, NY, April, '00.  FS for €5 at St. Ouen, August, '13.

Lovely full-color work showing four of Krylov's most popular fables: FC (I 1), "A Quartet" (IV 1), "A String of Carts" (also called "A Train of Carts," (II 20) and--in slightly different format--"The Wolf in the Kennel" (II 8). The latter card has no English translation included. Its color printing is especially effective. Notice for example the red nose on the lone human in the scene. The more access I find to Russian goods, the more I see that the Russians love their Krylov the way the French love their La Fontaine. The result is the same: they keep on producing lively images of his work!  The last card found in this series, FS, is delightful for both the salivating fox and the frogs hanging from the line!

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String of Carts

The Wolf in the Kennel