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Krylov Polychrome by Taranov

1956 Set of 10 colored Krylov postcard illustrations by M.A. Taranova.  $9.99 from dron7770 through eBay, Dec., '05.  A second set for $12 from migrace, Ukraine, through eBay, Dec., '11.

These cards, about 4" x 6", all are portrait and have a white strip at the bottom of their picture side.   Though the cards – and perhaps the paintings as well – are not of the highest artistic quality, I enjoy seeing Krylov's fables put into pictures.  Look below to find the thumbnails of the ten cards, and then click on them.

Buried Treasure: The Miser


The Cat and the Cook

The Elephant and the Dog

Demyan's Fish Soup


The Monkey and the Spectacles

The Mule and the Nightingale

The Crow and the Pig

Tristan's Kaftan