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Stebbing: Revanche de la Cigale

Revanche de la Cigale

1905? Seven photographic postcards presenting "Revanche de la Cigale," apparently a sequel to "La Cigale et la Fourmi," presumably after La Fontaine.  VBC Série No. 3046.  Stebbing Photographic Studios.  All were sent to Mademoiselle Marie Louise Bruyère (chez ses Parents), Grande rue à St Genis, Laval, Rhône.  At least one card is clearly dated 1907.  $9.99 from Joachim Montbord, La Sauve, France, through eBay, March, '04.  The apparent first card in the series for $3 from Elsa Pinto, Paco de Arcos, Portugal, June, '13.

Apparently Series #3046 is five cards on the cicada's revenge on the niggardly ant.  The first cards here may belong to Series #3045; they are titled "La Cigale et la Fourmi."  The cicada character is the same in all seven cards.  The rejected cicada finds a fairy godmother who trains her musically.  The cicada, now rich, returns to the ant, who has been thrown out of her home and needs to sell everything.  The ant is the same actress as in the first two cards, and the venue is the same, except for the "For Sale" sign.  The gracious cicada takes no revenge but rather opens her purse for the unfortunate ant.  There is extensive red and green coloring of these black-and-white pictures.  I wonder how that was done.